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    Accumulate introduces Flexion to eliminate one-price-fits-all model for mobile content


    Accumulate UK, a provider of flexible pricing solutions for mobile retailers, today announced its newly branded service Flexion and the launch of the On Game Portal (OGP) feature. The enhanced service makes it easier for consumers to find new products that they like and to purchase them with pricing options that makes sense to them.

    Accumulate UK first presented Flexion at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year to service providers, demonstrating how it can empower mobile game retailers.

    Flexion allows mobile retailers to provide a range of purchase options and offers for mobile content, introducing traditional retailing models to increase penetration and ARPU for mobile services.  The Flexion wrapping engine automatically prepares any java application or game and acts as the gateway to delivering a flexible pricing and licensing platform which can be managed by the retailer. 

    Flexion lets consumers be curious about mobile content and gives them the chance to ‘try-before-you-buy', ‘rent for the day' or ‘have-a-go for 25p'. With these choices, the retailer is able to offer a plethora of promotions, removing the need for a one-price-fits all model.

    Increasingly, competition for promotional space on operator portals is getting tougher and publishers are finding it harder to reach out to customers.  The newly launched feature, called the On Game Portal (OGP), acts a retail store delivered with every ‘wrapped' application, making it easier to cross-promote products and to give customers the option to buy more.

     "We have worked with our flexible licensing solution for over two years now with leading games retailers like Hutchison 3UK and have, during this period, analysed where the market is going.  We now cater for all players in the value chain and can serve customers both on and off portal with new pricing models," said Accumulate UK MD, Jens Lauritzson. "Our On Game Portal can be part of any wrapped java content and offers great on-device retailing opportunities to the masses."

    Accumulate has grown from strength to strength over the last 12 months.  The company has been on the winning teams in two of the biggest games outsourcing deals in the UK.

    "We are delighted with the results and the winning partnerships we have formed with partners such as Buongiorno and Player X over the last year and believe that we can go on to win more deals together," continued Lauritzson.