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    Openet’s Policy Manager Enhanced to streamline operator policy management processes


    Openet, a provider of Transactional Intelligence for the network service providers, today announced the immediate availability of FusionWorks Policy Manager 2.5. The release extends communication service providers' ability to manage libraries of policy rules, minimise network latencies, and implement updates to subscriber-specific policies.

    Operators are implementing increasingly complex policies within their networks to protect their subscribers and implement new business models.  These policies cover a range of strategic issues like fair usage, and new engagement and business models such as dynamic service tiers.  Operators need a more robust capability to effectively define, deploy, and administer these policy initiatives.

    FusionWorks Policy Manager 2.5 enhances the ease with which policy decisions are created and implemented.  The new enhancements enable operators to:

    * Easily define policy rules using a template-driven graphical workflow tool;

    * Visually associate complex rule sets, including detailed chaining of multiple rule sets;

    * Test new and updated policies with a robust Rules Simulator to assess the impact of potential changes on the network, service level agreements and the subscriber experience;

    * Dramatically reduce network latencies involved in policy control decisions by actively deploying in-line policy caching.

    "FusionWorks Policy Manager continues to lead the industry in flexibility, power, and performance.  Policy Manager 2.5 is a direct response to the needs of our Tier 1 customers, and positions Openet dramatically ahead within this market," said Joe Hogan, CTO of Openet.  "By deeply integrating Policy Manager with Openet's FusionWorks suite of real-time charging, rating and balance management products, Openet provides a comprehensive solution for realising new business models while maintaining control of increasingly valuable network resources."

    Built on Openet's FusionWorks Platform, Policy Manager 2.5 is scalable and convergent across all type of networks.  In conjunction with its charging solution, Openet provides the core expertise across both sides, enabling its Tier 1 customers to utilise one vendor and one Policy and Charging controls architecture. This enables operators to capitalise on future business models by leveraging policy management's ability to control network resources to maximise customer satisfaction and revenue streams.