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    Spin3 helps enable 777Mobile casino in the Ukraine


    Leading full service mobile gaming solutions provider Spin3, enabled by Microgaming, an online gaming software provider, has translated  its mobile casino offering to enable mobile casino operator and existing client 777Mobile to enter the Ukrainian market. Its new Ukrainian language mobile casino system represents the tenth language supported by Spin3.

    In a move that will make 777Mobile's casino games available in the Ukraine for the first time, Spin3 has translated three of its most popular mobile casino games into Ukrainian – Roulette, Blackjack and the progressive Major Millions slot game. Spin3 has also integrated the Ukraine's leading web payment system, WebMoney , into its system. WebMoney enables players to buy pre-paid credits, using either the internet or a WebMoney Kiosk, located in various public places such as shopping centres and cinemas. WebMoney registers credits to the players' accounts and can be used to play at any time.

    Matti Zinder, Head of Spin3 said, "In the current economic climate, our clients are searching for ways to expand their offerings and capitalise on the potential of new markets. 777Mobile's strategy goes beyond the UK and Western Europe to the previously untapped Ukrainian market. It was important to localise every aspect of the player experience – from the game's help and instruction pages right through to the way they deposit, top-up and collect their money. In this way, we have been able to fully support 777Mobile's ambitions of entering one of Eastern Europe's most promising markets.

    "We are committed to supporting our clients' ambitions for growth. When their strategies point towards new markets that offer significant promise, we will develop the games and payment systems to make that move a success."

    Ofer Koren, 777Mobile CEO said, "The Ukraine is a market that we have been looking to enter for some time now because of its enormous potential. Being able to expand our mobile casino services into this region is a great achievement. We partnered with Spin3 in 2007 because of its ability to understand and meet our business needs whilst enabling us to offer our customers the most innovative games in Europe's leading markets.  In Spin3, we have a partner that will go to extraordinary lengths to help us grow our business."

    All three games will be available through Spin3's GameWire platform from June 2009. Ukrainian is Spin3's tenth language offering, joining English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Danish.