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    Altair Semiconductor integrates TurboConcept turbo-code IP Cores into LTE baseband processor product line


    Altair Semiconductor, a fabless chip company developing 4G mobile semiconductors for handheld devices, today announced that it has successfully integrated the TurboConcept LTE/WiMAX solutions in its LTE FourGee product line.

    Altair's FourGee-3100 LTE baseband processor integrates TurboConcepts' dual-mode turbo decoder core. Altair says it has now successfully integrated two successive turbo code IP core generations from TurboConcept, including the WiMAX-only Core in 2007 and now the LTE/WiMAX dual-mode Core.

    "By leveraging our existing, successful technology, and proven partners such as TurboConcept, we are able to bring our LTE products to market more quickly," said Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development for Altair.  "The Altair FourGee-2150 for mobile WiMAX, which includes a TurboConcept core, is recognized as a market leader in high performance and power efficiency, and our LTE chipsets integrating a similar core from TurboConcept offer the same advantages."

    "We are proud being able to address Altair's aggressive technical positioning in silicon specifications. We are convinced that our solutions combined within Altair's unique low-power architecture, will turn rapidly into success in the LTE market." said Jacky Tousch, co-founder & CTO, TurboConcept.

    The TurboConcept 4G dual-mode turbo decoder Core TC1700 implements both WiMAX (IEEE802.16d/e) and 3GPP-LTE (3GPP Release 8) convolutional turbo code specifications. It is said to be an ideal solution for base station or CPE receivers implementing both physical layers. The Core is claimed to use a unique architecture that reduces by 40% the silicon area, when compared to two single-mode Cores, with no restrictions on the flexibility and features set.

    Two throughput profiles are available, that cover respectively 100 or 200 Mbits/s decoded bit-rate. The Core includes the sub-block de-interleaving and CRC decoding functions, and allows switching between LTE and WiMAX mode dynamically, for each FEC block.