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    x-Mobility launches Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator service


    x-Mobility has launched its Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA) service that provides a white-labeled MVNO service for brands wishing to enter the mobile space. As the holder of a full Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) licence on the 3UK network, x-Mobility's MVNA service is claimed to allow new entrants into the market with a quicker and more cost-effective solution than dealing directly with an operator.

    The MVNA service from x-Mobility provides everything a company needs to set itself up as a new MVNO, targeting its own distinct customer base. Services include: White label branding of both the USIM and the network name on the handset, making all aspects of the service ‘branded' in the eyes of your customers; Operations Support Systems (OSS), for provisioning of services; Billing Support Services (BSS), with both wholesale & retail billing interfaces available; Customer Care services so that any issues your customers face can be resolved; and number portability, allowing you to port your customers's numbers from other networks.

    "The MVNO concept is particularly well suited to developing niche propositions and, while this has benefitted consumers in some European markets, the UK mobile operators have yet to truly embrace that model," said Phil Kendall, Director – Global Wireless Practice, Strategy Analytics. "The MVNA approach is an excellent way to facilitate that step change in the market. This is especially true if services like low-cost international calls and data services, that are not traditionally associated with an MVNO, can be added to the mix."

    x-Mobility works closely with 3 and has a full MVNO licence on the 3UK network. This allows x-Mobility to aggregate the service to other brands as a white-label service and x-Mobility can provide pre and post-paid voice and data services for its customers.

    David Bickett, Business Development Director at 3, said: "x-Mobility has created a very compelling service which suits the excellent network that we have built in the UK. We believe that the smaller, niche MVNO players will be able to profit from the combination of 3UK's network and x-Mobility's MVNA service."

    One of the companies that is taking advantage of x-Mobility's MVNA service is Uni-Tel Mobile, which has been set up to target the UK student market.

    "I'm really impressed with the x-Mobility business model and really grateful of it too," said Mike Hall, the Operations Director at Uni-Tel Mobile. "Thanks to x-Mobility we've been able to get our MVNO service up and running quickly. We think that we have a very compelling offering to the student market and we're extremely excited about the possibilities."

    Wayne Myers, CEO of x-Mobility, said: "This is culmination of a lot of hard work and planning, But now we have launched we're able to help even more brands that want to launch an MVNO service within 120 days and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional, direct route."

    "It's great that we're able to help companies like Uni-Tel Mobile provide a new service to their customers within a few months. We hope to help many more companies launch MVNOs to service consumer segments that the mobile operators cannot reach."

    x-Mobility is currently working with a number of brands that will be launching their own MVNO service shortly. Based on the volume of SIMs ordered, x-Mobility says it is one of the biggest MVNOs on the 3UK network.