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    XING launches free app for BlackBerry smartphones


    XING, the European business network, has launched a new app for BlackBerry smartphones. The free download will enable more than 7 million business professionals connected over 146 million times worldwide on the platform to access their personal network directly from their mobile devices. The app keeps track of all the user's contacts; phone numbers and email addresses are always available wherever they are, and automatically updated online by the members themselves.

    The "What's new in your network" feature lets mobile users stay up-to-date on all the latest developments in their personal network, as well as enabling them to keep others informed by posting status messages of their own. Private messages on XING can also be received and replied to from wherever the user happens to be.

    Another feature of the free XING app is that it synchronizes specific contact data on XING with the users' address book contacts on their BlackBerry smartphone. People on the move can also call or email contacts in their network directly using the XING app.

    "One of the top requests from XING members is for better mobile access to the platform. XING members want easier and faster ways to access and communicate with their XING contacts on the go, wherever they are. The new XING Blackberry application is a key milestone in enabling increasing numbers of business professionals to use a mobile version of our platform with even greater ease and convenience. We will continue to improve the application based on our members' feedback. On a personal note, I'm thrilled that we have now released in two consecutive weeks applications for two of my favorite addictions: twitter and blackberry," said Jason Goldberg, Chief Product Officer at XING AG.