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    SLA Mobile launches mobile advertising solution


    SLA Mobile has unveiled details of a mobile advertising solution said to be specifically-designed to help mobile operators maximise their advertising revenue potential.

    Said to be one of the first interactive ‘interstitial' advertising solutions for mobile or 3G data card users, the SLA Mobile advertising campaign manager product integrates with wireless carriers' existing capability to track users' browsing behaviour and provides a dedicated server to coordinate targeted advertising delivery and report on specific campaign penetration.

    Based on a user opt-in model, the closed-loop interstitial advertising solution analyses individual users' browsing habits to define unique interests and load specific advertising tailored to their preferences between webpage loads.

    The SLA Mobile product is being deployed under licence by policy and charging  company Volubill to enable an Indonesia-based operator offer its 25 million subscription base mobile internet services at a reduced rate.

    Nic Stirk, SLA Mobile Chief Executive and co-founder of the Mobile Advertising Alliance, which represents leading mobile software vendors, said the application would bring greater revenue to operators:

    "The mobile sector continues to command an ever-growing share of the global advertising spend. New opportunities to grow relationships between brands and consumers offer more exciting ways for advertisers to talk directly to their markets with huge benefits for operators, advertisers and consumers alike.

    "Through our pioneering advertising solution, operators can offer advertisers added value and claim a larger slice of advertising revenues."

    John Aalbers, CEO at Volubill said the link up with SLA Mobile would help operators to provide new tariff options for end users and increase their ability to cash in on greater advertising opportunities:

    "We are committed to providing our customers with the best technology solutions available and SLA Mobile's technology allows us to offer new opportunities and help claim a larger share of advertising revenue. Integrating with our data policy control and charging software, the advertising campaign manager analyses user trends and delivers targeted adverts that do not detract from the mobile user's experience.  Additionally it enables us to track and evaluate how successful each campaign has been."