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    Apps store ‘ecozones’ to help push green app download volumes to 400m by 2014, says research


    The volume of green application downloads to mobile handsets could exceed 400m by 2014, according to a new report from Juniper Research. The report suggested that one of the key drivers would be high-profile 'ecozones' – areas dedicated to green-themed mobile content and apps  – within operator and OEM application stores.  

    The green handsets report utilised scenario-based models to derive estimates of green app downloads, handset recycling rates, no-load energy emissions from handset chargers and green handset shipments. The incremental model anticipates relatively low-key promotion of environmentally sustainable products and services by handset vendors and operators, and a consequently lower level of awareness of such products by end-users.  Under this model, adoption and download levels were considerably lower, reaching 192m by 2014.

    However, says Juniper, under the transformational model, industry measures are backed up by heavy media promotion of eco-friendly lifestyles. These are accompanied by government initiatives which encourage the reduction of personal carbon footprints, allied in some cases with legislation which penalises excessive personal (as well as corporate) levels of CO2 emissions. This in turn is expected to a far more rapid and widespread adoption of applications such as Nokia's we:offset or T-Mobile USA's Green Perks.

    According to report author Dr Windsor Holden, "While it is difficult to quantify the scale of the impact that these downloads will have on the environment, they provide the opportunity for consumers to make informed choices about their lifestyles. If they so choose, those consumers can then adjust their lifestyles so that their personal direct and indirect CO2 emissions are reduced."