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    Huawei launches commercial IMS-based High-Definition video conference solution


    Huawei has announced the launch of its IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) based High-Definition (HD) video conference solution, which can enable enterprise users to participate in virtual meetings across a broader range of access methods via a carrier's existing network.

    The new convergent, high definition solution is capable of supporting almost all conferencing devices such as HD and standard definition (SD) video in fixed and/or mobile phones, desktop soft-clients and facilities with tele-presence, while also offering more functions for enterprise users, including multiple access methods and open media capabilities.  Beyond the traditional voice and video connections, the new solution will allow enterprises to take full advantage of additional services such as desktop sharing, high definition video, and virtual reality. The solution can also bring applications like video calls to end users by integrating IPTV and ICT services.

    "Partnering with operators from around the world, Huawei is committed to supporting customers in All-IP network transformation and we are excited to launch the new IMS-based HD conference solution, which is going to enhance the capabilities of operators' existing networks," said Jin Huang, Vice President of Huawei Core Network. "With these new features, enterprise users will be able to experience virtual meetings at a higher quality and with more services than ever before."

    Huawei's state-of-the-art solution is equipped with the industry's largest capacity and highest carrier-grade reliability.  It can be deployed via an operator's existing network, which allows operators to remarkably protect their network investment and rapidly expand their business in SME (small and medium enterprises) markets by matching the increasing demand for diversified conference services.