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    Jazztel expands and renovates its network with Huawei


    The Spanish operator Jazztel and Huawei have announced today the signature of a framework agreement for the expansion of the operator's network. Huawei will provide and deploy new network technologies that are said to allow the operator to face the expected strong increase in the number of customers, while at the same time, Huawei will also deal with the integral management of its network.

    The agreement signed between the two companies, which comes into force immediately, contemplates both the expansion of the network capacity and the modernisation of the services. This way, Jazztel will increase the capacity of its network, so that it will be able to provide first class services to more than one million customers, both in broadband and other emerging communication services.

    As a result of the contract, the company will increase its current access network with new DSLAM, allowing Jazztel to offer new services such as VDSL2 and ADSL2+ Bonding. These technologies will help the company to duplicate the speeds that it is currently offering to its customers. This equipment will have integrated voice cards, which will represent relevant cost reductions for the operator both in space and in electricity use. The agreement also contemplates data network and transmission network expansion, as well as the deployment of softswitch equipment.

    Jazztel has also awarded Huawei an outsourcing contract for the management and operation of its network. The renewable five-year contract will allow Jazztel to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of its network and focus on the business development and value-added services. This new model will ease the process to detect and solve incidents as the provider of the technology will be directly involved in Jazztel's network operation. This contract includes strict quality of service indicators and commitments that will strengthen Jazztel's network together with a world leader.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Huawei will assume full responsibility of network operation activities such as 24×7 network monitoring and operation, field maintenance, multivendor network technical support, and spare parts management. This way, Huawei assumes end-to-end network operations, incorporating into its own organization Jazztel's network operation and maintenance departments.

    According to José Miguel García, CEO of Jazztel, "this agreement will allow us to sustain the continuous growth of our business and maintain our leadership in terms of innovation and quality of service. We renovate our confidence in Huawei not only as our main technology provider, but as a partner in one of the main pillars of our business".

    "This agreement represents a new milestone in our strategy to support our customers in Europe with value added solutions and services", says Yu Chendong, EU President of Huawei. "We are very much satisfied to support Jazztel in its technology development and, at the same time, this is an opportunity for Huawei to demonstrate how the unmatched reliability of our technology together with our knowledge on network management can help our customers reach new levels of excellence in the market".

    "This contract represents a step ahead in Huawei's corporate strategy to provide professional network outsourcing service in Europe", comments Adriana Boersma-Rodríguez, Services Sales Vice President EU, Huawei. "Besides, it guarantees the implementation of our localization strategy in the services area in Europe".

    The relationship between Jazztel and Huawei dates back to year 2005, when Jazztel awarded Huawei the deployment of the first functional NGN network in Spain. The agreement signed today is said to reinforce the strategic relationship between the two companies and reflects the commitment of the operator to be an innovation leader the Spanish telecommunications market.