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    Willtek’s service test system for 3G mobile phones now self-contained


    Willtek Communications today introduced the new 2261 Autotest Option for the 2201 ProLock. As part of the ProLock-based 3G test system for Service, the new option eliminates the need for an external PC to control the system.

    Until now, comprehensive tests were controlled through test scripts running on a PC with Willtek's remote control software from the 7310 Lector and Scriptor family. With the new option, the test scripts can now reside on the instrument itself, so a PC is no longer required. A comprehensive test system for service can  be reduced to Willtek's 2201 ProLock with the 4916 Antenna Coupler and the 4921 RF Shield.

    Matthias Schuster, Product Manager at Willtek, said, "With the new Autotest option, users now have the choice between the Windows-based Lector software and a space-saving, self-contained test system. Whichever they select, users will benefit from vendor-specified test sequences, a frequently updated coupling factor database and the capability to store test reports on a server, and all that at a good price-performance ratio."