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    Mobile and fixed provider Easytalk expands European prepaid services with DIGITALK


    Easytalk, an alternative Spanish service provider, has selected the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform to launch new IP products across its European markets in early 2010.

    Easytalk have already migrated their existing prepaid services to the DIGITALK SIP Application Server to gain immediate inherent improved operation efficiencies and cost savings. The group offers its customers high quality telephony services at competitive prices for both fixed and mobile markets, including calling cards, call shops, premium numbers, and also offers wholesale switch partitions to small distributors that want to develop their own business with greater flexibility and control. Easytalk plans to introduce a home residential service in early 2010 to expand customer reach with a wider service portfolio.

    The crux of Easytalk's decision to invest in platform technology derived from the advanced management and billing features of the DIGITALK Multiservice Platform that provides the control and performance needed to offer the right services quickly and to manage customer payments.

    Jose Luis García-Nalda, Associate Director of Easytalk commented: "In our opinion DIGITALK is one of the best companies offering top telephony technology in the prepaid telecom business. We have been working before with other providers but none of them gave us the flexibility and potential we need to be successful in this competitive ethnic market."

    "The DIGITALK support team and management vision was key to Easytalk's decision. We are very happy to work with companies that are always one step forward. We are confident we will be able to fully exploit DIGITALK potential to become a one of the top players in our market. "