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    Femtocell giveaway at MWC 2010


    HSL has announced it will be giving away a free femtocell, for use with 2G and 3G mobiles, to each mobile network operator visiting its stand at the Mobile World Congress. In conjunction with the promotion, the HSL FemtoNet service will also be made available by HSL so that operators receiving a free femtocell can experience the capabilities of the HSL 2.75G Femtocell.

    The promotion, says HSL, is part of an overall strategy to deliver femtocells to subscribers who suffer from inadequate mobile coverage. By giving mobile network operators the opportunity to evaluate the HSL 2.75G Femtocell through the promotion, mobile subscribers are a significant step closer to being able to benefit from HSL's femtocell in their homes and offices, says HSL.

    The FemtoNet service allows an operator to outsource the operation of their own femtocell network using any of three different outsourcing models. HSL FemtoNet supports the use of IP or TDM links to connect with an operator's MSCs and SGSNs for circuit switched and packet switched services respectively. For this promotion HSL are making available their own MSC with FemtoNet to demonstrate the capabilities of the HSL 2.75G Femtocell.

    According to HSL, unlike all users of existing 3G femtocells, users of the HSL 2.75G Femtocell are not restricted to requiring 3G mobile handsets. The HSL 2.75G Femtocell provides voice, messaging and data service to subscribers using any current 2G and 3G mobile handset that supports such services. Where the HSL 2.75G Femtocell also differs from existing 3G femtocells is that it does not provide 3G data but instead provides fast EDGE data that when coupled with existing home or office WiFi provides a superior wireless data service, says HSL.