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    Aito extends its partnership with Blyk


    Finland-based Aito Technologies, a developer of customer experience analytics products (CEA), today announced that it will continue its partnership with Blyk, the mobile messaging media, to provide analytics tools that reveal customer behaviour trends. Aito began working with Blyk in November 2008, when its CEA tools were integrated into the Blyk platform, and will continue to underpin Blyk's mobile media capabilities.

    Aito's CEA product suite provides operators and service providers with highly accurate data analysis of consumer behaviour and experience in relation to profitability. Blyk works with mobile operators to link young people with brands and other personal interests.  It currently partners with Orange in the UK and Vodafone in the Netherlands. 

    Aito's CEA product suite allows operators, and other service providers such as media companies to gain a better understanding of their customers' behaviour and experience, which is then linked to the performance of their business. Aito's analytics tools enable operators and service providers to build a highly accurate profile of an individual, or segment of users. This end-to-end view of the business provides operators and service providers with an insight into the experience of their customers. Operators can then use this granular data to identify new revenue opportunities and respond to the needs of their customers, based on their experience, leading to an increase in profitability and customer loyalty.

    Turkka Oksanen, Head of Operations, at Blyk, explained that: "Aito brings accuracy and speed to our analytics and insight creation. This provides us with conclusive data that is accessible to our different teams through an intuitive and easy to use interface."

    Anssi Tauriainen, CEO at Aito Technologies, explained: "Mobile advertising has become a viable channel for brands and advertisers. Blyk has demonstrated that highly targeted campaigns can engage consumers and generate additional revenue for operators. We have been able to provide actionable intelligence to this process through our relationship with Blyk, and we will continue to do so as part of its new business model." 

    The data provided by Aito's CEA tools, is fundamental to any end-consumer driven business, such as Blyk. The analytics tools are used to drill down and identify consumer segments that would be receptive to targeted advertising campaigns. Operators and brands are able to use this information to target subscribers with branding and advertising messages, accurately and appropriately. Highly targeted campaigns based on user profiles allow brands to connect with the relevant audience. Blyk has been extremely effective, generating response rates of up to 41 percent. 

    Aito's CEA product suite has also been deployed across mobile networks including TDC and Elisa in Finland.