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    Jinny Software and Seeker Wireless sign deal


    Jinny Software, a global supplier of messaging, media and mobile advertising solutions to mobile network operators, announced today that it has signed a partnership with mobile phone geolocation and zone detection specialist, Seeker Wireless, to collaborate in the development and delivery of mobile location-based advertising to the market.

    Location-based advertising increases the value of mobile advertising by improving targeting and facilitating deeper levels of consumer engagement. It uses location-tracking technology in mobile networks to target consumers with real-time location-specific mobile advertising. Many recent and successful mobile marketing campaigns run by global brands such as Burger King and Subaru, have included an element of location-based advertising. 

    Recognising that the time is now right to further enhance its mobile advertising managed service offering, Jinny is examining Seeker Wireless SeekerAdz, a product that enables location-based mobile advertising using geofencing or spatial triggers. The platform integrates mobile location determination together with a set of facilities for defining and managing location-based promotional campaigns. It provides a flexible interface for integration with mobile advertising campaign platforms.

    Cathal O'Toole, Head of Jinny Mobile Marketing & Advertising Business Unit, said, "The power of mobile advertising and marketing lies in ensuring that we deliver information and calls-to-action to a consumer at the right place and the right time. Location information ensures that we take into consideration what the consumer might want and where to get it most easily. This allows marketers to bring value to the consumer and position the brand or product as the answer to a need. Jinny Software, together with Seeker Wireless, will combine a comprehensive mobile marketing and advertising managed service with a tried and tested location-based service to offer an accessible and dependable solution for operators, brands and advertising agencies alike."