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    SwissQual offers drive test solution for LTE


    SwissQual, the independent Swiss network quality measurement company, is now offering a drive test solution for LTE network testing. The new solution offers a Diversity probe providing RF scanning together with application layer testing including FTP, HTTP and video streaming. 

    Using a scanner component from PCTel, the Diversity probe generates RF measurements for the LTE FDD standard, allowing operators to map out the LTE cells coverage and quality which is crucial for the successful deployment and commercial launch of new 4G networks. Application layer testing is provided by an attached LTE device which provides a measurement that is comparable with that seen by a typical subscriber. SwissQual also offer comprehensive VOIP quality testing to provide a complete solution.

    The scanner is available in a range of versions to suit the different frequency bands used by LTE networks.  The system offers high speed, taking just 20 msec to scan the top cells which includes Reference Signal and Synchronization channels assessment and individual values for each cell's transmit antenna branch. It also offers high resolution (+/- 1 db) across a dynamic range of 60db.

    This LTE solution is a fully integrated component within the SwissQual Diversity range of probes, generating data which can be analysed by the standard range of SwissQual analysis tools.

    Says Magnus Hylen, SwissQual Product Manager: "The Diversity probe, part of the SwissQual Evolution network measurement system, has long been recognised for its ease of integration and use with a wide range of measurement devices and interfaces. This scanning function allows us to offer an excellent solution for operators that are just starting to roll out LTE technology. For those operators who already operate the SwissQual Evolution system, it represents a simple upgrade. "

    Said John May, SwissQual's CEO: "With our Evolution system we have worked hard to provide operators with a solution that is as future proof as possible. Here the addition of LTE functionality illustrates the point perfectly. The implementation of a completely new technology can be accommodated quickly and easily. This demonstrates why SwissQual is becoming increasingly regarded as the strategic choice in network quality measurement and optimisation."