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    Openwave launches new management tool for network operators


    Openwave Systems, a global software specialist in mediation and messaging solutions, today announced the launch of its Openwave Smart User Repository for operators, a user data storage solution. 

    Smart User Repository is said to offer high speed, low latency user profile and policy access that is specifically designed to assist operators in managing their increasing data traffic.  Because of its highly scalable and reliable architecture, Openwave says its Smart User Repository is an excellent candidate for operators' 3GPP  user profile repository (UPR) and user data repository (UDR) requirements, particularly as operators move quickly to deploy policy infrastructure addressing ever increasing traffic loads.

    "As operators continue to witness unprecedented data traffic volumes, it is incumbent upon them to consider integrated policy management tools that will help them rapidly access user profile and policy  information as is common in the web world," said John Giere, senior vice president of products and marketing at Openwave. "One of our longstanding tier-one North American operators has already deployed our repository and is currently processing in excess of 2.5 billion queries a day."

    According to Openwave, Smart User Repository's intelligent and flexible architecture allows for configurable deployments based on the respective operator's environment and traffic profile. Openwave's previous version of the offering, Openwave Directory, provides an easy transition for operators evaluating a replacement path for systems that are not scalable. Openwave say the key benefits of Smart User Repository include:

      a.. Intelligent Architecture – The decoupling of read and write operations can provide a lightweight Master/Replica architecture which allows for separate scaling of these characteristics as needs arise. Replicas can be diskless for better performance and lower cost.
      b.. Scalability – Scalability based on the loose coupling between the Master(s) and Replica(s). The lightweight replication mechanism can ensure low replication load on the Master(s) to maintain a linear cost of growing the system.
      c.. Availability/Reliability – Smart User Repository's architecture allows the operator to define different levels of spare capacity depending on the criticality of the application. The repository's predecessor, Openwave Directory, has demonstrated greater than 99.999% availability over the last five years at our largest deployment.
      d.. Low Latency – The lightweight replication mechanism of the Smart User Repository enables implementation of geo-distribution working to ensure low latency across wide areas. Replicas can serve single entry requests in less than three milliseconds depending on the hardware platform.
      e.. Continuous Service Operation During Upgrades – The loosely coupled architecture of the Smart User Repository is expected to provide the resilience and flexibility needed to manage the system on a day-to-day basis. Automatic distribution of schema updates can also facilitate daily management of the data model, even for widely distributed systems.