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    Telenor selects Ontology OSS/CAD for service management


    Ontology Systems has announced that European telecommunications and internet service provider, Telenor Denmark, has chosen Ontology Systems' OSS/CAD to dynamically join, align and present customer, service, network and infrastructure data from nine existing OSS and Network systems.  The resulting fully integrated service view is said to provide Telenor Denmark with better control and understanding of Network Change Management, enabling enterprise service management and customer notification capabilities. 

    Telenor Denmark operates complex, interdependent transmission, mobile and IP networks on which Telenor carries out frequent and regular network equipment maintenance.  Before any maintenance activities can be performed Telenor needs to understand the potential customer impact associated with physical or logical changes.  Prior to implementing OSS/CAD, a large  team of planning and customer service staff  exhaustively analyzed each change by interrogating multiple interfaces across nine NMSs, CRM and other OSS systems to understand which customer services would be affected by the changes before  notifying the customer of the planned maintenance. In difficult cases, this process could take over a week to complete. OSS/CAD has completely automated this process, providing immediacy, reliability, and repeatability.

    Telenor had been tracking the market success of Ontology Systems' OSS/CAD product since its introduction in May 2008.  In late 2009, Telenor started the CNS (Customer Notification Systems) project to align the data in the four underlying NMSs, with data in the CRM, IP/MPLS activation and Mobile Site Lifecycle Management systems.  The implementation was completed in just 18 weeks, following access to the data contained in the underlying systems. The CNS tool is now live and is now said to be accurately answering Telenor Denmark's customer impact and notification queries in a matter of seconds.

    Benedict Enweani, Ontology Systems' CEO added: "We are pleased to be working with the dynamic and forward looking team in Telenor Denmark and contributing to their success, and we are already working with Telenor to extend our relationship."