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    NEC conducts trial of LTE with Telefonica


    NEC announced today that it has successfully carried out LTE laboratory trials with Telefonica, one of Europe's largest telecom carriers with operations in more than 20 countries worldwide.

    The trial took place between February and March 2010, at Telefonica de Argentina, member of the Telefonica group. NEC provided Telefonica de Argentina labs with a total LTE network system that consisted of core network systems and wireless base stations. Approximately 100 test items requested by Telefonica were achieved while under a 20MHz bandwidth, including a maximum throughput of 145Mbps while connecting with a simulator device. The trials are also said to have achieved a maximum throughput of 95Mbps using an actual LTE terminal.

    As a result of the trials, NEC is also planning to participate in future Telefonica field trials, and NEC says it is aiming to increase performance and enhance the functionality of LTE systems that support next generation communications systems.