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    Huawei showcases LTE capabilities with TMN in Portugal


    Huawei today announced the successful demonstration of LTE (Long Term Evolution) services with TMN, the mobile operator of Portugal Telecom.  The demonstration showcased real life case studies of future consumer demands on a mobile broadband, including high definition 3D television and mobile gaming.

    Huawei's showcase consisted of two different demos.  The first demo showed how 3D television services, provided through an LTE network, can create an enhanced mobile user experience and open the door for new business models for both content providers and operators. During the demo, 3D content was stored in a media server connected to the core network.  The demo consisted of a real-time download of this content, showing them on a 3D screen.  In this way, the service highlights one of the most important LTE capabilities: high throughput.

    The second demo focused on the possibilities for online gaming.  Two players, each with a joystick and a PC, play a race game, interacting through the LTE network.  This highlights another important LTE capability: low latency, or quick network response.  The difficulties associated with traditionally low network response in online gaming, which cause different playing speeds and synchronization problems, are overcome – thanks to LTE technology.

    "The promise of LTE will touch countless industries and bring advanced technology to everyday consumers," said Xie Xinping, Managing Director of Huawei Portugal.  "In collaboration with TMN in Portugal, we are bringing innovative, next-generation technology to the 3D TV and mobile gaming industries.  These LTE capabilities will enable operators in the future to develop new business models and to meet the growing demands for mobile broadband services."