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    Huawei unveils preview of Telfort 2.0 NGBSS in the Netherlands


    Huawei, together with Telfort, a subsidiary of KPN, today unveiled a preview of Telfort 2.0, said to be Europe's first Next-Generation Business Support System (NGBSS).  The system, named Telfort 2.0, is a new customer care and billing solution which began serving a selected number of new customers in a few of Telfort's shops in April 2010. In June 2010 all of Telfort's postpaid customers will be transferred to this new platform. In the years to come, it will also serve Telfort's prepaid and internet customers.

    Telfort has partnered with Huawei to deliver a NGBSS that will integrate Telfort's complicated IT landscape, and increase its business efficiency. The new system is based on service oriented architecture (SOA) and combines TM Forum Frameworx (also known as Next Generation Operations Systems and Software, NGOSS) enhanced Telecom Operation Map eTOM and Shared Information/Data Model SID standards, which are the basis for future evolution and transformation.

    By optimizing business processes, simplifying the creation and deployment of new products and services and enabling customers to handle a much wider range of activities through self-service, Telfort's new system will reduce the company's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In addition the simplified open architecture will reduce the time to market (TTM). With the reduction in TCO and TTM plus the enhanced self-service for customers, the company can offer various types of new service plans.

    Telfort has adopted Huawei's convergent next generation business support system to replace its legacy systems, and has selected a managed services partner (MSP) for the long term. "The telecom market is changing significantly", Robin Clements, CEO of Telfort explains. "The cooperation with Huawei offers us an efficient and future-proof IT environment with which Telfort will continue to compete successfully under changing market conditions."