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    Presence solution now with SIP


    TeleWare has announced its commitment to the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) architecture.

    eleWare pioneered the use of intelligent Number, a solution by which you are always contacted on the same number irrespective of your location, connection medium or device. In 2004, TeleWare ported intelligent Number to a SIP-based architecture, embracing the principles of IMS.
    IMS is an IP multimedia and telephony core network and provides an access-agnostic element designed to support any type of IP session over the network.
    “Vendors such as Nortel, Lucent, Motorola, Siemens and Ericsson are all moving towards an IMS solution although, for many of them, this is very challenging since their hardware and software architecture is, in most cases, highly inter-dependent,” said Geoff Haworth, Chairman and Founder of TeleWare.
    Core to the IMS architecture is the use of SIP, which allows a service provider to offer subscribers a set of converged voice and data multimedia services that range from presence and push-to-talk over cellular, to non-traditional services such as video, instant and multimedia messaging.
    When a subscriber makes an initiative to talk, chat or videoconference with another subscriber, it’s completely left to the network to figure out where the subscriber is and his/her preference for completing the session.