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    Greek providers using LMDS for mobile IP


    Greek operator STET Hellas has deployed a LMDS wireless network to provide broadband wireless access and backhaul connectivity for its mobile services.

    STET Hellas is using equipment and a management platform from Alcatel, enabling it, in theory, to be able to support TDM, Frame Relay, Ethernet, ATM and IP across the network.
    Alcatel has supplied the LMDS basestations, as well as its 7270 service concentrator, which aggregates broadband traffic across the existing network, which already uses Alcatel’s 7470 Multiservice Platform.
    Michele Gamberini, chief network officer of STET Hellas, said, “The Alcatel LMDS backhaul and broadband wireless access solution will support us in evolving our network towards higher grades of flexibility and cost-effectiveness.”
    “LMDS represents an exciting opportunity for both fixed and mobile operators to deploy broadband wireless access and backhaul solutions,” Marc Rouanne, chief operating officer of Alcatel’s mobile communications group, said.

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