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    Israeli mobile content management start-up attracts funding


    Israeli start up Mobixell, which specialises in adapting real time mobile multimedia content to the specifications of the device for which it is intended, has attracted a $5million investment from a group of investors.

    The investors, who number Siemens ICN subsidiary Siemens Mobile Acceleration, private equity company Apax Partners, Comverse and Optibase, have backed the company’s Mobixtar RMSC (rich media message centre). This is a tool which transcodes images, animation, audio and video and adapts it for the different devices, whether it be for screen sizes, colours, memory, processing power or camera quality.
    “Mobixell Networks has potential to become the leading product for adapting and delivering mobile multimedia content in cellular networks, since it is the most attractive solution in this segment. The company’s product line creates a superior user experience, enabling mobile operators to create new revenue streams,” said Dr. Dietrich Ulmer, ceo of Siemens Mobile Acceleration.
    “Securing funding from these leading partners is a major vote of confidence,” Amir Aharoni, president and ceo of Mobixell, said. “The investor-group represents an ideal partnership to assist us in penetrating and realising the growing markets of mobile multimedia adaptation, optimisation and delivery.”

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