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    A1 Austria invests further in analytics with greater Invenium stake


    The operators says this strategic investment emphasises the importance of developing a data economy in Europe.

    Having become the first operator to join the location data and tech platform HERE Markeplace just days ago, with the intention of expanding its analytics business, A1 Austria announced it will acquire a larger stake in Invenium, which pioneered the analysis of  mobility data.

    Ivenium was a spin-off from the Technical University Graz and the Graz Know-Center, and has been a member of the A1 Start Up Campus since 2017.

    The campus supports young companies by providing know-how and infrastructure. Now with the takeover of the majority of Invenium, A1 will expand its activities around the analysis of ​​movement data with its service, A1 Mobility Insights, offering a commercial product based on the TUEV-tested (TUEV: technical supervisory association) and data protection compliant platform.

    Success via ecosystem

    Thomas Arnoldner, CEO A1 Telekom Austria Group, said, ”Our collaboration with the Styrian start-up Invenium is a good example of the use of innovative technologies from Austria and the successful expansion of an extensive digital ecosystem together with our partners from business and science.

    The resulting product A1 Mobility Insights has already proven helpful in the Corona crisis management and can now also compete with the world’s largest providers by joining the HERE Marketplace. This cooperation is a successful example of the important development of a European data economy”.

    Michael Cik, Founder and CSO of Invenium added, “The closer cooperation between the two companies gives us the opportunity to think even bigger and to carry out technological and organisational corporate developments even more effectively and efficiently even on an international level. I look forward to the intensive exchange and to the future of “A1 Mobility Insights” with full confidence.”

    A1 Mobility Insights

    The service can answer questions such as where do my customers come from, which is helpful to many areas of business and community life, according to A1 Austria, For example, it gives insights to tourism experts to know to understand which tourists visit which sights, in what order and when.

    Cities and municipalities also need insights into citizens’ movements to plan transport planning. A1 Mobility Insights  provides a dashboard that can answer these questions with anonymized and pseudonymized data from A1’s mobile network, which is now also available on the HERE Marketplace.