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    Accumulate UK rebrands as Flexion


    Accumulate UK today announced that it has rebranded as Flexion, in response to the  success of its Flexion product. Through its wrapper technology Flexion enables a range of additional services, especially billing and DRM, to be applied to mobile content without changing the original source code.

    Wrapper technology is said to be continuing to grow globally and Flexion recently announced that it has hit 20 million users. The milestone, announced late last year, marked year on year growth of over 100% and a growth rate of 1.5 million new users per month.

    Flexion’s wrapper technology works by creating a small amount of code that is ‘wrapped’ around the original content. This wrapped code can then enable a range of additional services, from increased billing options, Digital Rights Management (DRM), or allowing users to search for new content with Flexion Discovery.

    “We know that our Flexion wrapper content technology is very popular and the growing demand for it is testament to the hard work we have put into the solution,” said Jens Lauritzson, MD of Flexion. “As more and more people, operators, content publishers and OEMs are using our wrapper to explore new distribution channels and methods, it made sense to officially trade under the Flexion name.”

    “Changing our name to Flexion won’t change the goals of the company, the technological innovations we will continue to make, or the continued growth we are predicting,” Lauritzson continued.

    The early growth of Flexion’s wrapper technology was created through the flexible pricing options that it allows the content retailers to make. Through Flexion, content owners can create customised pricing options, from “Try & Buy” through to “All you can eat” models, offering the same kind of flexibility that other retail channels can provide and moving content purchasing away from a simple binary decision.

    However, further growth is now being seen as a result of increased DRM solutions, especially for Android content. This combination of DRM and flexible pricing has created a super-distribution model that means content can be distributed quickly and easily between users – with a billing element embedded and so making money for all in the value chain. Thanks to Flexion’s recent integrations with companies like txtNation and Boku, the super-distribution solution is truly global.

    Flexion will continue work with the global brands that it counts among its customers including Hutchison 3G, Telefonica O2, Orange Group, Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, Nokia and EA.