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    Adtran creates room for gigabits to zoom on DGA’s fibre to the home service


    German altnet is booming and wholesaler mustn’t miss the gig

    Deutsche Giga Access (DGA) has selected Adtran’s SDX Series of fibre access platforms in a crucial decision over which system it should trust to launch its fibre to the home (FTTH) services.  

    DGA, a regional wholesale access supplier in Germany, helps service providers to connect homes and businesses with modern broadband services in the less exalted regions of the country. While it wants to meet Europe’s digital agenda objectives ensuring fair, open and secure digital environments it can only really do this under the ‘right conditions for digital networks and services to flourish’, said its official statement. The costs of mass distribution need to be carefully managed. 

    Adtran’s Combo passive optical network (PON) technology and software-defined network (SDN) can create those conditions, according to DGA CTO Andreas Bamberg, who made the crucial technology buying decision. “DGA wanted to run an FTTH network into Lower Saxony, quickly, and Adtran provided the right combination of tech, products, support and domain experience,” said Bamberg.

    Dare to be PONcey

    PON and SDN are the differentiators that create 1G and 10G FTTH networks on the same point-to-multipoint fibre optic distribution network. They do this from a single optical splitter (OLT) port which makes scaling up a lot quicker. In doing so, this hardware invention sent DGA to market. Adtran’s outstanding new software feature is an SDN-based network controller that supports ultra-short micro-release schedules, which speeds things up for the service provider and cuts DGA’s building and operation costs. 

    Local support crucial

    Adtran also lets DGA deliver proactive support and services from an open, cloud-based system which brings the requisite adaptability, security and updates at scale. As a result, DGA can cut the support tickets and improve customer satisfaction. “We chose Adtran because its approach allowed us to build a new, open-access wholesale network for future-proof services that can be controlled by an end-to-end automation management system,” said Bamberg.

    Altnet is booming

    This creates tremendous operational savings for the wholesaler which will be invaluable when demand takes off, said Bamberg.The German altnet market is growing rapidly as operators look to bring fibre broadband to every household in Germany, according to Stuart Broome, EMEA sales VP for Adtra. Local and regional operators will need a reliable wholesale network supplier that gives local support and unlimited capacity. They have the means of production with Adtran’s Combo PON, because one port can supply many fibre strands. “This gives DGA the most cost-effective solution to operate via a fibre network,” said Broome.