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    Aircom buys Symena to boost SON and LTE capabilities


    Network optimisation specialist Aircom International is to acquire Symena, a provider of optimisation and Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) tools, for an undisclosed sum. Aircom said that the combination of “innovative” optimisation methodologies from Symena with its own “vastly scalable” OSS capabilities would create “a unique SON offering” for the market.

    Symena develops software that automates cell planning, network deployment and ongoing operations. Founded in 2002, it claimed to be the first company to offer a commercial ACP solution for LTE.  It has been developing specific SON solutions since 2009 and has, Aircom’s statement said, “enjoyed significant market traction” with operators, network equipment providers, systems integrators and drive test tool vendors.

    A press statement from Aircom said that the deal would enhance Aircom’s SON capabilities and “further strengthen Aircom’s LTE radio capability” by integrating Symena’s ACP solutions with Aircom’s planning and OSS tools.

    “Our decision to acquire Symena is a clear demonstration of our commitment to cost effectively deliver optimal service quality across multi-technology and multi-vendor networks,” said Alwyn Welch, CEO, Aircom. “Aircom has always advocated and evangelised SON capabilities and the enhancements it will deliver, both to an operator’s customer base and ultimately its bottom line.  By capturing Symena’s proven technology and internationally recognised skillset, we can deliver even further value to our respective customers while offering a powerful business case to new operators and vendors.” 

    “We are tremendously excited by the wealth of new opportunities that closer collaboration with AIRCOM will deliver to new and existing customers,” says Thomas Neubauer, CEO, Symena.  “Both Symena and AIRCOM share the same vision for SON, and the instrumental role it will play in driving efficient and profitable networks through 2G, 3G and LTE technologies.  We look forward to leveraging AIRCOM’s open, standards-based framework I-VIEW, along with its global footprint to further enhance the value we deliver to new and existing customers.” 

    Aircom released few further details, but did add that Neubauer will join its management team.