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    Airwide launches Network and Personal Security solution


    Airwide Solutions, a provider of next generation mobile messaging infrastructure, applications and solutions, today announced the company has launched its Network and Personal Security (NPS) solution. The solution is said to provide multiple layers of protection, shielding subscribers, operator infrastructure and service revenues from potential threats and unwanted content. The solution goes beyond traditional antispam technology to address the burgeoning array of security threats affecting mobile operators and their subscribers, says Airwide.

    Airwide’s NPS solution is said to offer multi-layered security in the network that provides a comprehensive, yet modular, means to address the myriad of security issues facing mobile operators and subscribers.  NPS protects subscribers and operators from a variety of threats, ranging from off-net traffic sources to advertising spam or bullying messages and revenue leakage from VAS providers. It is tailored and tuned to the specific challenges of mobile networks across all channels and threat vectors, says Airwide.

    “With the explosion of mobile applications and smartphones, and with personal, financial and commercial data increasingly being stored on mobile devices, networks are being challenged to ensure their precious bandwidth is used by legitimate content and services. The enthusiasm for new devices and applications is masking the threats that are brewing below the surface,” said Jay Seaton, CMO of Airwide Solutions.  “Traditional PC-based security systems are not designed for the unique issues that mobile use presents. While much of the mobile security focus has been on spam, and we still do see significant growth in this area, spam is often viewed as simply an annoyance.  What can be far more damaging and pervasive are the ever-changing range of other mobile security threats including fraud, spoof, malware and a wide spectrum of malicious or unwanted content including bullying and sexting.”