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    Amazon targets developers with new app services


    Amazon Web Services has launched a range of new features for app developers, including the ability to manage user information and app data across a range of different devices.

    The company’s new Cognito service is an attempt to remove the problems of developers juggling data from a range of different customers, both offline and online, and devices. It said developers need to manage several log-ins to store user information and cope with unifying data as different devices connect to the internet or go offline.

    Cognito allows users to log-in anonymously and then sign in using their Google, Facebook or Amazon log-in. A client SDK can be used to create a local data store, caching information on a device so an app’s performance does not change whether it is on or offline.

    Its Mobile Analytics service gives developers automatic information on an app’s users, revenue and how a user is using the app. Amazon Web Service said it can process billions of events from millions of users and usage reports can be delivered with an hour of being sent by an app.

    As part of the new changes, Amazon also introduced a new unified mobile SDK that supports iOS, Android and the internet retailer’s own Fire OS. Developers can also send push notifications at a specific time to users of Google, iOS and Kindle Fire devices.

    Marco Argenti, Vice President, Mobile at Amazon Web Service, said: “We continue to hear from customers that they prefer to avoid having to build any of the undifferentiated parts of their mobile apps.

    “AWS already provides the backend processing, storage and databases that customers around the world use to power sophisticated mobile apps.

    “We designed Amazon Mobile Services, including Amazon Cognito and AWS Mobile Analytics, to make it even simpler and more cost effective to build and scale mobile apps on the AWS Cloud.”

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