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    American Tower cuts “emissions intensity” by 21% per African tower


    Infrastructure firm has invested more than $350 million in energy reduction initiatives in Africa since 2018

    American Tower Corporation (ATC) released its 2022 sustainability report which outlines its sustainability strategy with an overview of progress across its sustainability programme. It says that in 2022, American Tower decreased direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1) by 11% since 2019.

    ATC Africa, a subsidiary of American Tower, has focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing digital connectivity to underserved communities in Africa. It has invested more than $350 million in renewable energy installations, more efficient energy storage solutions and initiatives to consumer less energy since 2018.

    During that time, ATC has decreased its on-site diesel consumption by an estimated 43.5 million litres annually compared to business-as-usual operations. This equates to cutting about 117,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e). It achieved these goals by deplopying on-site solar power, lithium-ion batteries and adopted technologies to drive energy efficiency at its tower sites.

    Unstable power

    Marek Busfy, CEO at ATC Africa, said. “Our efforts are further geared to make an impact on our continent where connectivity is increasingly vital but power availability unstable. Additionally, improving energy efficiency at our sites is part of what we want to accomplish in Africa and is critical to achieving our targets.”

    The Company also launched its Green Sites initiative to ensure that all newly built sites meet American Tower’s Green Site specifications, which require the sites to generate less than four MTCO2e per year.

    In addition, through its Kenya operations, plans to substitute 30% of its diesel fuel with biodiesel, which has, through a successful proof of concept, already delivered an approximate 16% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared to diesel.

    More information on American Tower’s sustainability programme and 2022 Sustainability Report here.