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    Telenor Norway steps up the fight against against fraud and nuisance calls


    The operator becomes first major European carrier to partner Hiya AI-powered call protection service, used by AT&T and others.

    Telenor Norway and Hiya announced a strategic partnership to fight against fraud and nuisance calls. Hiya uses machine learning to screen more than 12 billion calls each month to detect and block calls that are fraud and nuisance.

    It provides cloud-based, real-time fraud and nuisance call detection to more than 150 million customers worldwide through its partnerships with businesses, carriers and technology partners.

    Growing issue

    Fraud calls are a growing problem in Scandinavia and across Europe. In Norway, residents receive an average of five fraud calls per month, that can result in financial losses, frustration and damaged reputation for carriers and businesses.

    The calls include emerging threats like COVID-19-related scams where the fraudster offers fake cures or health insurance to solicit personal information.

    They also include scams like the Wangiri attack where fraudsters trick victims into calling back a premium rate number. In a recent study, Hiya found that the Wangiri attack remains popular with fraudsters across Europe and a surprising number of them originate in European countries like Spain and Switzerland.