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    Android tops OS share for Telia, iPhone 4 top selling device


    Telia continued to sell more Android devices than any other OS in August, although the iPhone 4 remained the top-selling individual device.

    Releasing smartphone sales comparisons from 85 of its stores, the Swedish operator said that Samsung’s Galaxy Mini was now pushing the Apple device very close for top spot. The iPhone 3G was third in the list.

    With Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson phones also showing in the top ten, Android was the top selling OS – selling more than double the amount of devices it sold in August 2010. It’s a trend that Patrik Granström, sales manager at Telia, didn’t see changing soon.

    “It seems that the months when Android sells more than IOS can no longer be counted as an exception but rather must be seen as a rule,” he said.

    Sales of IOS-enabled handsets decreased by almost a third year on year, but August 2010 was a peak month for IOS, with the launch of the iPhone 4 on July 30.

    Smartphones sales in Telia stores: August
    1.   Apple iPhone 4
    2.   Samsung Galaxy Mini
    3.   Apple iPhone 3G
    4.   Samsung Galaxy
    5.   HTC Wildfire S
    6.   HTC Sensation
    7.   Sony Ericsson Arc
    8.   Sony Ericsson Neo
    9.   Sony Ericsson X8
    10. HTC Desire S

    Smartphone sales by operating system:
    1.  Android
    2.  iPhone IOS
    3.  Symbian