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    Artificial Intelligence in the Internet of Things: Paving the Way for Business Success


    From mobile phones to robot vacuum cleaners, remote heart monitors to cars, and production lines to logistics networks – the Internet of Things (IoT) has an impact on every aspect of modern life, and demands ever greater use of artificial intelligence (AI).

    The sheer number of devices, modules and sensors connected to the IoT has led to an explosion in the volume of data generated. Simply possessing such information isn’t enough for business success, as such information is only useful if it can be properly analyzed and put to work – which is why AI is gaining in importance across many industries.

    Our new white paper assesses the current and potential state of AI and machine learning (ML) from the perspective of the IoT, offering clear examples of how these technologies are delivering advantages to businesses in the healthcare, manufacturing, finance and retail sectors, among others. It also explains why AI is so important for quality assurance and pre-emptive problem management.

    While it would be a mistake to treat AI as the answer to every business question, any organization will find that the time dedicated to assessing how this technology can help cut costs, improve customer experience and optimize processes will be well spent.

    Take your first step in this direction by reading the white paper entitled “Paving the Way for AI in the IoT”, and discover how finding the right balance between AI, the IoT and human skills and know-how could mean the difference between success and failure in the modern business environment.

    Download the whitepaper here!