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    Avea selects Xtract’s advanced analytical solutions to reduce churn


    Xtract, a provider of advanced analytical solutions powered by Social Intelligence, today announced that the Turkish operator Avea has signed an agreement to use Xtract’s Social Links solution.

    Social Links will help Avea to reduce subscriber churn with proactive retention campaigns, and also provide insight regarding the social interactions within the subscriber base.  Operators can use this insight to create and deliver propositions that are highly relevant to their customer base.

    Social Links provides mobile operators with the opportunity to identify and reach out to likely “churners” with personalised marketing messages.  This can be done in timely manner, even before the customer has even made the decision to leave the network and can still be reached. This is a key element of any churn reduction strategy and is possible due to the application of sophisticated, advanced analytics. Ultimately enabling the operator to predict the future behaviour of subscribers with a far higher degree of accuracy than ever before.

    “Xtract’s solution is an integral complement to our in-house tools preventing churn at the very early stages, as well as identifying the social behaviours of our subscribers” commented Bulent Velioglu, CRM Director of Avea.

    Mika Lindholm, CEO of Xtract added: “We are confident that the combination of our industry proven advanced analytics which are powered by Social Intelligence and  Avea’s innovative marketing campaigns will ensure that Avea achieves superior results and realises their business objectives related to customer lifecycle and value management.”