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    Belgium’s Telenet appoints Sandvine to apply Hyperscale Data Plane


    Context on app and network intel can finesse each customer’s experience

    Belgium’s mobile and cable operator Telenet has signed a ‘multi year’ deal with application intelligence specialist Sandvine.

    Telenet will tap Sandvine’s suite of analytics-driven automation use cases to improve application performance. Artificial intelligence will help it automatically match slices to devices across a complex mix of user types and screens, across a range of networks and delivered to a diaspora of locations.

    Sandvine says its network intelligence systems could ease network congestion for the operator and help it create ‘high-quality application experiences’ across its cable and mobile feeds. Application and network intelligence will target real-time data and use machine learning-powered analytics to inform each online intervention aimed at improving the quality of service offered to the subscriber.

    Sees everything, puts it into context

    Telenet already uses Sandvine for analytics, network optimization and revenue generation use cases, said Sandvine CEO Lyn Cantor. It’s now installing Sandvine’s ActiveLogic Hyperscale Data Plane, which runs a traffic classification engine on machine learning. Supporting technology includes an active network intelligence portal, insights data storage, and the Maestro policy engine.

    Bert Pelgrims, Telenet’s tribe lead for connectivity platforms and services, said this new level of intelligence puts all the dry data into a meaningful context, which is precisely  what operators need if they are to give subscribers better experiences.

    To each device according to its slice 

    “The high degree of application and network intelligence we get with Sandvine’s portfolio will reveal how our customers experience applications and give us the context. We need that to further improve and monetise services as we transition to 5G and expand our cable and wi-fi networks,” said Pelgrims.

    Telenet’s One-connection-total-freedom offerings, One and Oneup, both aim to break down the barriers between mobile and fixed data usage, said Pelgrims. It can only do this with a perfect view of its network traffic and the contextual awareness to know what this means to each subscribers’ applications experiences. This, Pelgrim said, “will help us enhance our digital services.”