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    Blink, Actility launch LPWAN network in Sweden


    LPWAN provider Actility has teamed up with Internet of Things services company Blink to launch a national IoT network across Sweden.

    Blink initially launched an IoT network in the cities of Helsingborg and Landskrona, before teaming up with Actility for the national rollout.

    The services company said it wanted to enable smart traffic and smart agriculture solutions and increase the sustainability and efficiency of both sectors.

    One example is Blink rolling out smart road signs in conjunction with its sister company Blinkfyrar. It installed sensors into Blinkfyrar’s road signs and notified engineers if they needed repaired or replaced, removing the need for regular inspections.

    Matts Lilja, Managing Director of Blink Services, said: “We’re excited to be working with Actility to bring IoT connectivity to the whole of Sweden. A digital wireless infrastructure for IoT will mean major changes and many opportunities.

    “Technology can fundamentally change the conditions for several established business models, as we already see installed systems around the world. Through working with Actility, we will be able to utilise its experience and hands-on knowledge, and work to set the standard for how things communicate with each other, both locally and nationally.”

    Mike Mulica, CEO, Actility, said: “National IoT networks have the potential to bring untold benefits to both lives and businesses, and truly enable us to build a better world. We are therefore delighted to be working with Blink Services to deliver nationwide IoT coverage in Sweden, and are looking forward to seeing the positive changes the network will drive.”

    Earlier this year, Actility bought Abeeway as it looked to add geolocation capabilities to its IoT services.