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    Bridge Alliance, MobiledgeX, Singtel and Telefonica bridge the gaps in Multi-Access Edge Computing

    Connecting a ‘mess’ of MEC with hub-to-hub design smooths edges and launches application delivery


    Bridge Alliance, MobiledgeX, Singtel and Telefonica have successfully achieved an interconnection between two heterogenous multi-access edge computing (MEC) platforms. The synchronisation challenge facing mobile edge computing is so complicated that this is being hailed as a world first. The work was conducted as part of a GSM Association (GSMA) Foundry Telco Edge Cloud trial. 

    Bridge over the edge of incompatibility

    The breakthrough has massive implications for enterprise applications, which couldn’t run if various system were not talking to each other. Now, it’s claimed, hub-to-hub interconnection between the Bridge Alliance Federated Edge Hub (FEH) and MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform could allow edge applications to run across different edge platforms and regions served by each hub.

    Singtel and Telefonica’s mutual appreciation

    Singtel’s MEC and Telefonica’s MEC are connected by FEH and MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform respectively. With the interconnection, Singtel’s customers will be able to run edge applications on Telefonica’s MEC and vice versa, enabling multi-market services delivery across an extended geographical footprint, including Asia and Europe.

    Great opportunty for developers

    Customers, developers and partners can discover and order cross-regional edge resources and run applications through a unified interface. This is a crucial breakthrough because it creates a uniform experience across different networks and markets in these regions. Previously, interconnections were performed between operators on a one-on-one basis, making it difficult to scale the edge coverage.

    Figure 1. Hub-to-hub interconnection for telco edge cloud

    Tough apps to follow

    “We’re delighted to achieve this industry-first milestone with MobiledgeX and Telefonica,” said Dr Ong Geok Chwee, CEO of Bridge Alliance. Chwee explained that the these hub-to-hub interconnections mean that mobile operators’ enterprise customers can now offer exciting data-intensive and low latency services in markets beyond their Asian footprint.

    This is just the beginning

    “We believe that this is only the beginning of more cross-regional edge deployments in the industry,” said Chwee, “more will occur as more of our member operators come on board and as more trials between different edge aggregators are established. We welcome more edge hub partners on board.”

    Mobile Edge computing can now be seamless

    “The true promise of edge computing hinges on seamless developer access for high-performance applications that can take advantage of global reach,” said Michael Lochead, SVP of product for MobiledgeX, “today’s announcement represents another major leap toward this goal.”