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    Pharrowtech launches 5G’s fastest yet RAN chip and antenna array

    Consumer apps will zoom across unlicensed fixed wireless infrastructure powered by new 60 Ghz chip


    Pharrowtech claims it has the fastest silicon on the market to support the new wave of mobile applications that will talk over wireless at multiple gigabit per second.

    The vendor, which designs and develops millimeter wave (mmWave) hardware and software for wireless apps, claims its latest chip (pictured) the PTR1060, will drive the data across tomorrow’s indoor and outdoor wireless networks. It is the the world’s first IEEE 802.11ay-compliant complimentary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) radio frequency supporting chip to achieve this.

    Powerful for fixed wireless access

    The breakthrough performance and range of proficiencies created by its tighter levels of integration will be a boon to the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) movement. it will also considerably strengthen 5G signalling, wi-fi infrastructure backhauling and new consumer electronics products.

    Fibre speed data rates

    The RF chip supports any system that needs fiber-like data rates that cannot be cost effectively served with wired technologies, according to Marco Bello, VP of marketing and product management at Pharrowtech. “This is a momentous development for the mmWave industry. PTR1060 goes far beyond any fully integrated radio transceiver available today to enable a variety of rapidly expanding next-generation wi-fi.”

    Great for IoT service providers

    Comms service providers and other managers of Internet of Things (IoT) systems should also benefit from the faster links Pharrowtech has engineered by streamlining the design process and reducing the total system cost.

    Phased array antenna

    Pharrowtech is also launching a new PTM1060 (RFM) phased array antenna module, which includes the PTR1060. When combined with Renesas’ RWM6050 baseband, it offers other equipment makers (OEMs) an instant 60GHz solution to their performance problems. System manufacturers can customise the radio frequency module to their own specifications, according to Pharrowtech, because the phased antenna array design, integration and testing options allow for this.

    Good for OEMs

    “Our focus is making the design process easier and more efficient for ODM/OEMs, so combining Renesas’ best-of-breed baseband technology into a module to complement our own has been an important part of our strategy,” said Bello.