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    BroadSoft debuts UC-One IMS operator fixed-mobile convergence offer


       IP solution vendor BroadSoft has launched a fixed-mobile convergence solution for operators that helps their enterprise customers benefit from unified communications.

    UC-One IMS is a cloud-based platform that enables voice and data to move seamlessly between the IMS core network and circuit-switch core networks, migrating between 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks.

    This enables enterprises to manage a single communications service subscription for their employees, which not only deals with the BYOD dilemma, but also simplifies management of UC services and lowers costs from maintaining both a fixed and wireless subscription.

    “IMS is a still maturing, but proven technology, so the benefits of IMS are broadly well known. The challenge now for mobile operators is to define successful market offers that meet the varied needs of enterprises of different sizes,” said a BroadSoft spokesperson.  

    “[Mobile operators] will have enterprise customers who will migrate to their LTE network as they build out they VoLTE capabilities. With an existing, and growing enterprise customer base, mobile operators will leverage the higher revenue unified communications services to more rapidly monetise their LTE networks.”

    According to BroadSoft CTO Scott Hoffpauir, UC-One IMS eliminates communication boundaries and enables easy movement between different communications services.

    “Fixed-mobile convergence delivers on the promise of UC by seamlessly integrating services, devices and the individuals who are communicating and collaborating,” he said.

    “Users can, for example, start an instant message chat and move to a voice conversation, or initiate a call from a laptop interface and move to a smartphone without losing connectivity, and that single conversation can turn into a conference call with countless others, all with just a single click.”