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    BT announces enterprise BYOD managed Wi-Fi / WLAN policy solution


    The UK’s incumbent operator BT has announced a new suite of solutions targeted at helping enterprises deal with the BYOD problem, particularly focusing in on Wi-Fi and wireless LAN device connections.

    BT’s new BYOD approach includes the BT Advise BYOD Ready Infrastructure Quick Start, a solution that evaluates an enterprise’s requirements and how they impact on the WAN and LAN capabilities.
    In addition, BT will provide enterprises with “enhancement management” for wireless LAN and Wi-Fi services, as well as greater control over guest access to Wi-Fi.
    Policy management is also key. The BT Advise BYOD Quick Start product prepares organisations for the introduction of smart devices, from setting policies to implementing them across employees’ devices.
    Enterprises can easily manage multiple devices and applications for employees, using BT’s cloud-based management platform, while employees can connect to work servers securely via remote access from the cloud using the new MobileXpress package, priced at £5 per user/month.
    According to Neil Sutton, VP Global Portfolio, BT Global Services, BYOD productivity gains are only reaped if network services can cope securely with the extra load.
    “Great devices require better networks. Our wireless solutions and our identity and access control policy platform are designed to provide a seamless user experience whilst implementing compliant and enhanced infrastructure security, all from a centralised point,” he said.
    “Our wireless solutions allow organisations to give that connectivity to their own customers and to personalise their experience thanks to our identity and location management solutions.
    “During the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we showed our ability to deliver very large scale projects combining all of those elements and we are now determined to put that expertise at the service of companies all over the world.”