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    BT broadens virtualisation scope with new Cisco tech


    BT has extended its strategic partnership with Cisco by launching new virtualisation solutions into its network, which it said will cut time for enterprise customers wishing to deploy network functions.

    The first solution, Connect Edge, is virtualised customer premises equipment based on Cisco’s Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS) platform. The second, Connected Services Platform (CSP), runs on Cisco’s network automation and orchestration software.

    CSP is a managed services solution that will enable BT’s customers to deploy network functions such as routing, acceleration and security across their network in a matter of hours. These functions will run on the Connect Edge hardware.

    The combination of both solutions will allow BT’s customers to deploy and manage new functions without the need for specialist staff to install them.

    The two products will be launched during the first half of next year and rolled out to customers across 180 countries.

    In order to deploy these new virtualisation solutions, BT has also integrated Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) software platform and virtual Branch Core Function Pack. These will use network automation to also help deliver services faster and easier.

    Cisco said its NSO platform would also help BT to manage, improve and run service delivery across multiple NFV projects, software defined networking solutions and traditional networks.

    BT will offer these new features through its Dynamic Network Services initiative, its attempt to deliver better quality services and support its enterprise customers digital transformation.

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    Scott Harrell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Networking Business, Cisco, said: “BT continues to blaze the trail for the future of networking, evolving to an intent-based network that automates its configurations to support increasing demands, offering its customers simpler ways to deliver services faster.

    “With these new network automation, orchestration and virtualisation solutions from Cisco in place, BT can operate a more intuitive network that gives them the scale, intelligence, and security to power the world’s most dynamic business applications with ease.”