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    BT Digital calls in the Council to speed up cloudification


    Council consulted 50 staff from across the unit to eradicate duplicate data classifications and other pests

    BT’s Digital has completed an EDM Council cloud assessment to provide a “robust framework for moving forward at pace with its cloud and data ambition”. Further, it allegedly reduces duplication of effort in setting up data classification and management structures by over 70%, apparently.

    The EDM Council is a trade association whose Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework is a tool to assess organisations’ cloud readiness. The Council describes it as a “comprehensive set of industry standard guidelines, standards and best practices for organisations to move their data into cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud ecosystems”.

    Telecom first

    The assessment was conducted by a firm called ProjectiveGroup, which is better known for supporting transformation in the financial services sector.

    This is EDM Council’s first assessment in the telecoms sector. It involved 50 BT staff from 11 disciplines including data management, architecture, engineering, legal, privacy, security, compliance and networks.

    The framework also provides “clear routes” to the deployment of strategic applications and data services, and informs the pace with which analytics and AI can be deployed “responsibly,” according to the press statement.

    Ben Clinch, Head of Information Architecture at BT Group, said, “The CDMC framework underpins our data ambition, providing us with a robust, safe and ethical grounding from which to drive value and build trust, for the Group and for customers.

    “It also gives us a yardstick from which to build and measure improvements to ensure we can continue to lead the field. We have been a strong supporter and participant in the development of the CDMC framework since its earliest days.”

    Controlled and protected

    For his part, John Bottega, President of EDM Council, added, “Having its cloud platform independently assessed will give the Group’s partners even greater confidence in accelerating their own adoption of cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies with the assurance that their data is controlled and protected.”

    We shall see.