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    BT offers LTE fallback to enterprises with broken broadband


    BT has launched a new service for enterprises offering LTE fallback if a workplace’s broadband network fails.

    BT Assure is the operator’s latest convergence product and its attempt to help enterprises avoid loss of business because of service failure.

    Customers are equipped with a LTE dongle in addition to their BT Smart Hub. If a broadband connection cuts out, the service automatically switches onto LTE.

    If a fault is detected, BT will begin work on fixing it rather than waiting to be contacted to deal with the failure.

    BT said LTE would also support static IP for the first time, allowing businesses to continue to run their own websites, servers and connect remotely in the event of a broadband network failing.

    The launch has echoes of one of EE’s products announced last week. Hybrid broadband is currently undergoing testing with launch slated for the first half of 2019.

    However, while that also offers an guaranteed connection underpinned by LTE and broadband, it uses multi-path TCP, which delivers the constant dual connection of both technologies.

    Where 4G Assure differs is broadband is the primary technology used with LTE acting as a fallback.

    Mike Tomlinson, MD, SME for BT, said: “We recognise that a reliable, always on broadband connection is essential for businesses. So we’ve packed even more innovation into our award winning Smart Hub to provide SMEs with a failsafe method to stay online.

    “We are very excited about this new service because it combines the strengths of our fixed broadband network and the UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi signal with the most extensive 4G network in the country.

    “This delivers a highly resilient broadband service which will keep SMEs – the backbone of the UK economy – up and running.”

    BT will be keen to reinvigorate its enterprise business, as its poor performance was identified as one of the factors in it announcing swingeing job cuts earlier this month.