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    BT, Telia and Ericsson join 1.5°C Supply Chain Leaders initiative


    BT, Telia and Ericsson have joined a new 1.5°C Supply Chain Leaders initiative, alongside Ikea and Unilever. 

    They have agreed to work with their supply chain to halve emissions before 2030 and achieve net zero emissions before 2050. 

    Andy Wales, Chief Digital Impact & Sustainability Officer, BT Group, commented: “At BT, over two-thirds of our end-to-end carbon emissions come from our supply chain. To help us become a net-zero emissions business by 2045, we’re asking our suppliers to commit to climate action and we’re working with them to substantially reduce their carbon emissions by 2030​. ​ By working together, we’ll be able to curb emissions and help pave the way for others to follow.”

    Small business support

    The initiative is part of The Exponential Roadmap which highlights 36 solutions that can scale exponentially to halve greenhouse gas emissions worldwide by 2030.

    As part of the effort, the companies will support the newly launched SME Climate Hub  which provides resources to help smaller companies measure and set emissions targets, reduce business emissions, and track and communicate progress.

    Mikko Kuusisto, Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing,Telia, said: “To tackle the climate challenge, it is not enough for us to collaborate with the big global suppliers.

    “We need to engage also with the smaller, more local and often non-listed companies, to get them to commit to halving their emissions by 2030. The SME Climate Hub will provide the needed simplified tools and practices to enable these smaller companies to prove their commitment to the 1.5-degree pathway.”