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    BT’s MAUD adds bit-rate tech to boost streaming as demand soars


    Broadpeak’s multicast ABR technology should improve streaming quality and reliability, reduce content delivery costs and energy consumption

    BT Group has teamed up with Broadpeak, the content delivery network (CDN) which provides video streaming solutions to content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide. BT will combine its own Multicast-Assisted Unicast Delivery (MAUD) with Broadpeak’s nanoCDN multicast adaptive bitrate (mABR).

    Multicast magic

    MAUD’s architecture takes mABR a step further by integrating it with content providers’ player applications so customers’ apps require no modification. The nanoCDN tech will be integrated into BT Group’s consumer smart hub routers so that individual streams can be grouped in the network core – multicast – before they are converted back to unicast at the edge for consumption by end-users’ applications on devices.

    This approach means MAUD uses up to 50% less bandwidth during peak events, reducing energy consumption as fewer caches are needed. Simultaneously, more efficient delivery of live video also means broadcasters and video service providers give customers a better quality of experience.

    The operator expects “a number of major broadcasters and content companies are expected to trial this breakthrough solution in 2024”. 

    As seen on TV

    BT announced MAUD in January, which it hailed as a breakthrough in TV technology which will be key to broadcasters being able to meet demand for live content.

    Howard Watson, Chief Security and Networks Officer at BT Group, commented, “As more live events move online – or to online only – we are seeing a big increase in traffic. MAUD is a revolutionary development in how live video is delivered over the internet. It will improve video streaming experiences for viewers, delivering a more reliable, consistent picture and increases content delivery efficiency for broadcasters and video service providers.”

    Jacques Le Mancq, CEO of Broadpeak, noted, “We are very excited to support BT Group with the launch of such an impressive live video streaming initiative. MAUD answers the critical requirements for enhanced video quality, simpler content delivery, and increased sustainability, making it a game changer for broadcasters and video service providers.”