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    Collaboration and partnerships will drive IoT’s maturity in the B2B market


    Jiri Laznicka, CTIO for IoT at Orange, explains how a strategy of collaboration and partnerships can drive maturity in the B2B IoT market.

    He stressed that IoT is fundamental to digital transformation and said that by the end of 2021, 94% of businesses would be using IoT in some capacity.

    From telcos’ perspective, connectivity is only a small part of the overall requirement. The big question telcos are asking is how can we do more, he says, such as to improve cost efficiency or help them achieve their objectives?

    Laznicka goes on to explore three possible collaborative approaches with examples: co-innovation (exploring and developing solutions jointly with customers), opening new ecosystems (with players other than telcos and technology firms) and verticals (such as smart cities or manufacturing).

    You can access his session here as part of  our recent IoT in Telecoms virtual event, which was sponsored by First Point