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    Colt expands Equinix partnership in three more countries


    New software-driven connectivity to help businesses grow and scale in Spain, Italy and Sweden 

    Colt Technology Services has announced new, software-driven connectivity in three countries by expanding its relationship with Equinix.

    Businesses in Spain, Italy and Sweden now have access to Colt’s On Demand infrastructure interconnecting with Equinix Fabric in Spain, Italy and Sweden, as well as in the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

    Global ecosystem

    This collaboration between Colt and Equinix deepens their long running commitment to a global partner ecosystem. Colt claims to be one of the few Network Service Providers on Equinix Fabric able to offer flexible On Demand connectivity and digital services at global scale plus last-mile connectivity to tens of thousands of on-net addresses via API or portal-based self-provisioning. 

    The Colt On Demand network interconnects “seamlessly and dynamically” with Equinix Fabric across Europe and Asia, giving flexible last mile access to Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres and in particular to Equinix Digital Services.

    The press statement says that with Colt On Demand Interconnect, organisations can: 

    • Connect in near real-time to their own premises
    • join the 31,000 on-net buildings interconnected through 11 regions to Platform Equinix, offering end-to-end connectivity to Equinix data centres and Digital Services
    • upscale infrastructure to meet customers’ requirements
    • respond faster to changing market conditions
    • deliver digital transformation programmes with a resilient, consumption-based infrastructure as a foundation
    • accelerate and optimise migration to the cloud, eradicating on-premise hardware where desirable and to support environmental, social and governance initiatives
    • dispense with managing many partners and connectivity contracts across multiple geographies and enjoy the benefits of a single global partner ecosystem instead.

    Self-provisioning preference

    Colt says it is see a significant increase in the number of On Demand customers who self-provision their network services, with high double-digit revenue growth in 2022.  This trend is expected to continue into 2023 and beyond. 

    Mark Hollman, Vice President for Partner Development and Success at Colt said, “The network is the catalyst for transformation, for businesses looking to flex, digitalise and stay relevant, but managing this infrastructure can be incredibly complex – especially across multiple countries.

    “Businesses are already facing headwinds in 2023, and the last thing they need is to be held back by lengthy contracts and inflexible services.” He continued, “In this latest evolution of our longstanding partnership with Equinix, we’ve invested in joint API development to deliver a simplified, automated and improved customer experience across Colt On Demand and Equinix Fabric platforms.

    Backbone to last mile

    Mark Anderson, Vice President, Global Technical Sales at Equinix said “Combining Colt’s global network with Equinix’s global digital footprint provides enterprises with complete dynamic digital solutions, addressing end-to-end requirements from architecting a global network backbone, to optimising the last-mile experience of users every day. 

    “Further expanding and automating this can only be a good thing, and a great opportunity for customers to take their connectivity to critical business partners to the next level.”

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