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    Colt’s SD-WAN platform now supports VoIP optimisation and IPv6


    Colt Technology Services’ new features are available now, designed to address the shift in network demand being experienced by enterprises globally.

    The company said many companies are rising to the challenge of the ‘new normal’ – mass remote working and more devices connecting to their already stretched networks.

This is driving greater demand for VoIP-enabled networks solutions.

    Colt software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) identifies mission-critical traffic from VoIP applications in a customers’ network and gives it priority to improve reliability and performance.

    Dynamic traffic steering

    When paired with Colt SIP Trunking, the operator also offers customers VoIP optimisation with Mean Opinion Score-based (MoS) dynamic traffic steering at no extra cost.

Colt claims it is one of the first to offer an SD-WAN solution with global support for IPv6: each new device that joins an enterprise network needs a unique IP address and IPv4 addresses are limited.

    Colt’s solution supports both IPv4 and IPv6 so they can migrate to IPv6 as necessary without re-engineering.

Peter Coppens, Vice President Product Portfolio, Colt Technology Services, says: “As enterprises around the world adjust to this new way of working, they require networks and products that can adapt as quickly as they are having to.

    These new SD WAN capabilities will help businesses stay connected during this time, as well as help them future-proof their networks for the months and years ahead.

“At Colt, we have taken great pride in doing all that we can to keep our customers connected during this unprecedented time, and these offerings are a further extension of that drive to enable customers’ digital transformations, regardless of how quickly they have had to shift focus.”

Both solutions are available globally from today.