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    CommScope to sell Vodafone Germany subscribers gateway to network Nirvana


    Box to bring joy of Wi-Fi 6 to millions of mobile operator subscribers

    Home network specialist CommScope is to supply its Touchstone TG6442 DOCSIS 3.1 cable gateways to millions of Vodafone Germany (VG) subscribers, bringing them Wi-Fi 6 performance. VG says in-home wi-fi connections can raise the speed of broadband and even handle ultra-high definition video.

    With latency minimised it is confident of delivering delay sensitive applications. CommScope said it anticipates more devices being connected to the subscriber’s wi-fi networks, adding to the millions of cable gateways it sold VG in this deal.

    Imagine there’s no latency

    The TG6442 gateway was launched by VG in January 2022 to help meet the demand for better upstream capacity for applications like video conferencing. It does this through what CommScope describes as a ‘high split’, with a switched diplexer providing the versatility that makes installation a lot easier.

    The TG6442 gateways feature RDK-B software, which allows VG to improve the in-home consumer applications it offers to its customer base.

    It isn’t hard to do

    “CommScope has been instrumental in delivering truly innovative gateways to our customers,” said Markus Delfs, head of group hardware solutions at Vodafone. “It allows us to rollout high-speed gigabit services, improve our customers’ wi-fi and gives them the connectivity they have come to expect.” 

    Anthony Zuyderhoff, ComScope’s senior VP of Global Sales for Home Networks, said the TG6442 gateways lets service providers deliver multi-gigabit data rates to their customers’ homes. But the relationship between kit manufacturers and mobile operators is key. 

    “The long-term relationship we have with Vodafone Germany is a prime example of how important collaboration is when launching new and innovative gateways,” said Zuyderhoff, “these will serve as the hub for home networks, connecting all IP capable devices with enhanced reliability.”